Why you need to promote your music

The biggest challenge for artists today is to reach out to their audience and promote their music. Every day many indie musicians and artists spend a fortune on music equipment, recording studios, albums and merchandise which is quite a hefty investment however in all this spending, very little attention is given to ways in which the music should be promoted.

While the focus of the artist should be on producing quality music for the audience to enjoy, if they’re not promoting the music right, they are neglecting a huge opportunity of career progression. But the question is who should promote music?

There are three types of musicians:

  1. Hobbyist – These are the musicians who play music as a hobby and have no intention of showcasing their art or make a career or name out of it
  2. The Passionate – They are the ones who are passionate about music and want to make it a career for themselves
  3. The Talent – These are the artists who have the talent and know that they are good at making music. Their passion is somewhat on the decline or they never had it.

No matter which type of musician, if the aim is to make a career and get into the music industry, then it is important to make use of the right resources at the best of your advantage. With the advent of the internet, both professional artists and independent artists now have myriad of opportunities to launch their careers and reach out to a larger audience, without necessarily having a big budget or needing to spend a fortune. No doubt the internet has made it easier for indie musicians and artists to promote and market their music however the issue remains on how to best make use of the internet to promote your music.

Many new artists are losing out on getting their music heard because they don’t know where to start or how to promote their music.

Know your Audience

Before getting into music promotion, as an artist is important to understand your audience. Generally, there are four types of music fans:

  1. Supporters – these include your network of association, family and friends
  2. Local Fans – they are the collectors and keepers of keepsakes
  3. General Public – this includes everyone out there
  4. Die-hard Fans – the ones who are extremely loyal to your music

The General Public makes up the largest audience and as an artist, the aim should be to reach out to the largest group audience, grab their attention and get your music listened to and your name known. This is only possible with the right music promotion strategies and tools.

Music Promotion Platforms

In the competitive music industry, music promotion is the most important aspect of getting your music to reach millions (general public), to promote your music and to become a viral sensation.

Music promotion used to be simple a few years back; it only took a few live performances, sending CDs to music magazines and its music promotion was done. But today as the internet has become mainstream with over 3 billion users, this has opened a whole new world of audience for music artists. It has opened new ways to promote your music and reach out to the audience and has given more platforms to promote your music.

Online music promotion platforms are your best resource to get your music out there. It is the easier way, you can do it from the comfort of your home and the most effective way as this has the potential to reach a large audience.

The already established music promotion platforms allow building fanbase rather quickly than making the entire effort yourself. It is with these music promotion platforms that the artists can easily invest time and effort in building a relationship with their audience who can, in turn, make your music popular at a large scale.

The established music promotion platforms include:

  • Popular Websites in your Genre
  • Radio Shows
  • Online Music Forums
  • YouTube Channels
  • Social Media pages and platforms

The audience on these platforms has a great influence and when music is promoted to these platforms it gives your music a great reach and these people would be interested in listening to you.

Streaming and Social Media

In the music industry Streaming has become the most popular medium for music promotion. Platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, Spotify are the platforms that are giving rise to the music industry and given indie artists new ways to showcase their talent, make a name and become stars.

Previously it was traditional media that was used by artists to break the record but today for independent artists streaming is the way to make it big in the industry. Proper placement on the streaming playlist can be the biggest breakthrough for an artist. There are a lot of stories of how independent artists appeared on a popular streaming playlist and their career just progressed from there, from making money to increased play counts, increase in merchandise sales and a lot of touring.

With the right placement on the streaming playlists, you can quickly promote music, gain recognition and popularity. There are companies that are providing this service to pitch to popular streaming playlists and make it big.

Also, social media is another popular medium to help showcase your talent and make an artist a viral sensation. It is not a marketing tool but in fact a catalyst that allows reaching a larger audience with word-of-mouth marketing. Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter allow to connect with a mass audience by putting up live gigs, announcing exclusive performances, to premiere new music you created, link your YouTube Channel or streaming playlist giving indie artists the medium to connect with fans, gain new fans and get their music out there.

Music Promotion Services

For an artist, the most challenging thing is to promote music the right way that gets the attention of the audience and has an impact on them as well. Although there are platforms available, social media and streaming playlists too but if the music is not promoted well enough the expected results can’t be achieved. That is when music promotion services come into play.

Music Promotion Services are available for new, independent artists that help them in promoting their music the right way, reach out to a larger listener base and for the music to go viral by providing professional assistance. These services provide the best tools available to promote music that is not only effective but also reliable. They also provide assistance on promotional strategies to help new artists to successfully promote their music.

Benefits of Music Promotion

In the music industry, the successful way to make a name and to create a place is by music promotion. The idea is to try available tools to promote music, learn from it, make a promotional strategy that works for you best and to make an impact on your audience. The right music promotion can enable progress in the music career.

Music Promotion helps in:

  1. Building a Global Reach

For any music artist, the primary focus is to build an audience and fan base at a large scale. With music promotion platforms and services available independent artists can reach millions of people. Music promotions help build a global reach and making use of the right promotional resources makes it easier to build a massive fan base.

  1. Continuous Promotion

The biggest advantage of promoting music is the continuous promotion that it provides. Once your music is online on the streaming playlist, YouTube Channel or even radio it will stay in the loop and remain functional even when the promotional efforts are over. Once online it will keep working giving your work continuous promotion.

  1. Cost Effective

As a music artist, budget could be a constraint when it comes to promoting music. But using internet-based music promotional services and platforms like Indie Marketplace are the most cost-effective ways to promote music. Music promotion is far-reaching and cost-effective, especially for independent artists.

  1. Easy and Convenient Service

Online music promotion allows artists to conveniently reach out to millions of people who share the same music interest. It also gives them the convenience to promote their music from the comfort of their home with massive positive results.

It is also convenient for the fans to connect with their favourite artist, purchase merchandise, and follow them on social platforms which ultimately helps the music artist in building a larger fan base.


The competition in the music industry is getting fierce every day and music promotion is becoming even more challenging. No matter what genre of music you specialize in, music promotion is the key factor in the success of your music career. An effective music promotion can help independent artist reach higher by growing their audience, building a genuine following and fanbase & getting their music out there which in turn can help them become famous.

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March 26, 2019