The Importance of Great Graphic Designs for Music Artists

Your brands’ identity is intrinsically tied to your brand image. In other words, your brand image as an indie musician or artist is what people use to identify your brand with. Moreover, brand image, a tool often used by the artist as a form of representation, often forms the basis of judgment from others.

Apart from your music, your brand image is often your first and only chance to create a lasting impression on your fans. Again, apart from your music, your brand image or visual design is what drives people towards you, purchasing your music and other related products. Essentially, a bad image only hurts your brand identity and reputation as an artist and vice versa.

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That said, we also need to take into consideration our content-saturated world. From numerous published blog posts to social media platforms, visual design or visual content is king. People often use visual design to appropriately represent their music and their brand identity. Hence, appropriate visual design can undoubtedly increase your marketing efforts.

Not only will you be able to attract people, but an impressive visual design will make you more memorable. Of course, this will, in turn, make your brand image more noticeable and likeable.

Now, if you have a visually appealing and memorable CD Cover, you can employ its effectiveness in a number of marketing methods. For instance, you can use these graphics on marketing materials such as T-shirts and so forth. If the graphics look great, people will want to wear the T-shirt with your visual identity on it.

Having people wear your T-shirts is another marketing ploy that can work to your advantage. People are likely to see the T-shirts and get curious about your brand and identity.

Another important factor that comes with visual content or graphic design is reconcilability. It is imperative that you create your brand identity around a certain design that uses a certain color pallet and even an artist logo. This way, people are able to recognize your brand to identify you as the musician in an instant.

It is important to note, however; that a good visual identity is not just a marketing tool. According to Brain Hickey, it is also used for artistic expression. “Most visual designs maintain a certain cultural aspect or identity. Hence, in a way, your visual brand should be able to communicate a certain message and identify with a certain culture or genre.“

This is important because people tend to identify with music that is relatable and identifiable to them. In essence, a good brand image is able to convey a brands genre and style. This way, you will be able to attract and reach a wider audience.

Creating CD covers, Mixtape covers, Social Media Banners, Flyers, Posters, Logos and everything else you may need is likely something you would hire a professional for. Of course you can try to do it yourself or use free tools like CANVA, but chances are you are not giving yourself the best chance of success. At Indie Marketplace we can help connect you with the best Graphic Designers, you can see the cost of comparable service and know that everything is 100% secure.

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March 26, 2019