Indie Marketplace How to add a ‘Job’



Now you have signed up and created your profile it is time to add your first ‘Job’ to Indie Marketplace.Below is a video explainer, we will then break it down step by step

Once you have created your account or logged in hit your profile picture drop down on the top right > expand ‘Jobs’ and select ‘Post New”

Indie Marketplace post job

Job Information

Indie Marketplace Job Information

Under the job information section you are able to add some more information that make up the bulk of your job. This information will be available for other Indie Marketplace users and the public

Job Price – Here you can add the price of your ‘Job’

You can visibly set your rate and reduce friction with the client and cut down on any unnecessary back and forth. You can set the price at Fixed / Hourly / Daily / Weekly or Monthly. The price must be set at GBP or £ as we are based in the UK users though can see the cost of the service in a currency of their choice.

Category – Here you add the category your ‘Job’ fits into

This is where you attach your ‘Job’ to a collection of like ‘Jobs’ so that users can easily browse and find your services. This changes periodically as we expand the services offered so make sure to check this regularly

Description – Here you can add a description for your ‘Job’

It is really important that you add as much information as possible here. Describe what a buyer will get and where possible point to where they can find examples using the following tools. This area is especially important should a client raise a complaint the more information here the more insight we have.

Tags – Here you can add your ‘Job’ Tags

Tags help users to find your ‘Job’ via the search on Indie Marketplace but also help with the search engine optimisation of your ‘Job’ so people can find you from external sources like Google. Keep these tags relevant and use a handful but not too few and not too many. If you show up in a search that is not relevant it will

decrease your chances of closing sales

Buyer Information

Indie Marketplace Buyer Information example

Under the buyer information tab you can add instructions to the buyer and set additional parameters to the sale including time frames, delivery and meeting in person

Instructions to Buyer – Here you can add what is required from the buyer for example if ‘Mastering’ is purchased you may say the format you require the track to be in and how it should be prepared with headroom etc. You may also give more detail on how the process works and ask for any additional information or links. Be as thorough as possible the more you put in the more you get back!

Max Days to Deliver – Here you can set the time scale for delivery up to 30 days currently. This allows your customer to see what to expect when placing the order with you. You may also set this to ‘Instant’ and provide a direct file download to the right. You could use this to provide instrumentals / sound packs / contract templates and much more

Requires Shipping – Here you can set the price of shipping for goods that require shipping like merchandise. If your ‘Job’ does not require shipping simply leave this option blank

Lets Meet – If your service requires you to meet in person you can slide across on this option. From there you can then add the location, it can be exact or in a general area with a radius. You can also chose to have your position show on a map (We advise that you do this to help you build local networks)


Indie Marketplace add media

Here you can add media that will be seen by Indie Marketplace users when they visit your ‘Job’ page. The cover image is not required but if you have one that fits the dimensions it can really help to set the scene. ‘Images’ is where you will enter your ‘Job’ images these are really important as it will be the first thing another Indie Marketplace user will see.

You can also Embed to youtube videos and upload MP3 examples. This is really important for giving other users an idea of what they can expect from the service you offer and really help us with any dispute resolutions.


Indie Marketplace Job extras

Here you can add any ‘Job’ extras such as extra fast delivery, revisions and any additional add on services. If you do not have any extras to offer just leave these options BLANK

When you are finished hit ‘Publish’

Indie Marketplace publish Job

Congratulations you are part of the Music Industry!

We are looking forward to facilitating your first successful ‘Job’

March 24, 2019