Review your hip hop rnb or pop track

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For just $10 I will review your song I will do the following:


  • Overall Marking 1 -10
  • Originality 1 - 10
  • Marketability 1- 10
  • Where I think the track will get the best traction Club / Radio / Spotify
  • Up to 50 word advice on how to move forward with promoting the track or how to improve it

Fine Print

I need you to send me a link to the song, If you have a press release it would be helpful - With this Gig  I will be honest but it will always be constructive any advice I give is to help maximise your chance of success.

Some Extras

  • Add your song to my emerging artist playlist for 1 month for $ in 1 day
  • Super Fast I can review your track in 2 days for $ in 2 days

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