Community Guidlines

At Indie Marketplace we are all about four things:

  • Transparency
  • Protection
  • Ease of use
  • Hustle

In order to help foster an environment where these words become more than just words we have decided to lay down some guidelines which we encourage all of our users to read and abide by. We have full terms of service which are very detailed but we understand that these are hard to read digest and apply very quickly.

  • Be Friendly – You don’t have to be friends with the people you work with but being friendly, polite and courteous as a buyer or seller can get you a long way
  • Be detailed – Whether you are a buyer or seller give as much information as you can – this allows the other user to have a great understanding of the situation and it allows us to make an informed decision should something go wrong and arbitration is required.
  • Be Accurate – We advise against making bold claims that cannot be substantiated, this can lead to real issues further down the line so please think about this from the beginning of any Gig listing or transaction
  • Be Punctual – If you say you can do something by a certain time make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete the task, offer quick turn arounds using the Gig Extras. If you place an order check the Fine print make sure you can deliver what the seller needs before you hit buy.

If you have any other issues or suggestions please get in touch with us using the sites chat


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